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Soprano Hears a ’RAT

Soprano Hears a ’RAT

Radio station WRAT put out a press release today to tell the world that it had been mentioned on “The Sopranos.”
“During one particular scene, the show’s main character Tony Soprano (actor James Gandolfini) and Rusty Millio (actor Frankie Valli) were discussing an ex-mobster informant from Westchester who was talking to federal government officials for three years, referring to him as a radio talk show host,” the station enthused.
“At that point, one of show’s characters referred to the radio station as ‘WRAT.’ Tony Soprano replied, ‘Guess that’s why they call it the year of the Rat.’”
Marketing Director Doug Sjonvall said the staff “was stunned.” He called it a “tremendous shot in the arm” for the rock station.