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Sound Devices Ships 788T Eight-Track Recorder

Specialized deck features 160 GB onboard hard disk and video/film features.

At eight tracks, the Sound Devices 788T is a little high-end for many typical radio uses; but bigger broadcasters and independent program producers with large ambitions might want to take a look.

A 160 GB onboard hard disk is the media heart of this multichannel recorder but additional storage can be had through a CompactFlash card port or FireWire port. Windows and Mac computers will recognize and use the 788T as a standard storage volume.

Performance specs include 24-bit and 32 kHz–48.048 kHz sample rates. File format is BWF.

Standard features include 48 V phantom power, adjustable high-pass filters, peak limiters and word clock. Each channel has a level control and an LED meter.

The 788T has a number of features that video and film sound engineers use, such as a timecode generator, tone generator, NTSC/PAL synching and mini XLR (TA3) connectors. Portability is enhanced through Li-ion batteries.

The 788T is approximately the size of a hardback novel and its stainless steel and aluminum case weighs less than four pounds.