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Sound Like the BBC

Big broadcaster’s sound effects library now available

One can imagine that after being in the international broadcast business for decades, both in TV and radio, the BBC has probably collected quite a large library of interesting sound effects.

Perhaps one need not imagine anymore. Sound effects distributor Pro Sound Effects now offers the BBC Complete Sound Effects Library. Measuring more than 33,000 effects across more than 600 GB, in almost every imaginable subject or category, organic and inorganic, the whopping big library comes on a single 1 TB outboard FireWire/USB disk drive. Files are 16-bit/44.1 kHz Broadcast WAV format.

If the $4,999 price tag is a bit much, smaller offerings are available, including a fully customized option. The smallest packages start at $599. Other packages focus on animal and nature sounds or “historic” sounds such as battles, transportation, industrial and people.