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Sound4 ‘Powers’ The Telos Alliance Processing

Company tapped as technology contributors

The Telos Alliance named Sound4 as a contributing organization. The company’s processing offerings will be marketed under the Omnia brand, with the acknowledgement “powered by Sound4.”

“Sound4 and Omnia bring some unique and carefully thought out products to a market increasingly filled with underperformers,” said Frank Foti, CEO of the Telos Alliance and Omnia founder. “Now the best-in-class is available from Omnia in every form factor and at every price point.

Additional Omnia proprietary developments will be added to the Sound4 technology along the way, resulting in many, new enhancements to an already impressive lineup of offerings.

“The story with Telos started for us in 2010 when we had signed a technology agreement to integrate the Livewire IP technology in our products,” said Sound4 Product Manager Vincent Defretin.