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Soundcraft Now Selling BB100 Analog Board

Soundcraft Now Selling BB100 Analog Board

Calling it a consolidation of Harman Mixer Group product portfolios, Soundcraft is out with the analog BB100 console, a model formerly available from Amek. This, the company says, finalizes the restructuring of the broadcast offerings from Soundcraft and Studer.
The console is available in four frame sizes and can be built with or without up to eight subgroups. Each model has a choice of mono and stereo inputs with eight aux busses and up to five stereo returns, depending on module configuration.
Features include provision of up to four clean-feed outputs with talkback that can be changed, using jumpers, to an output matrix fed from the groups and main output. The control room monitor section has external inputs and outputs for main and nearfield speakers. Also included are “soft” mute circuits, fader starts, external mute control, stereo input channels with M-S (sum and difference) switches, direct outputs on mono input channels and conductive plastic faders.
The company says the model is popular in remote vehicles.
Soundcraft is a British manufacturer whose products are distributed in the U.S. by Harman Pro North America, which also distributes products for Studer and Urei.