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Soundcraft Releases New Digital Console

Soundcraft Releases New Digital Console

The 328XD digital mixing console from Soundcraft improves on the functionality of the 328 production mixer and offers dynamics processing on every channel, group and mix path. The 328XD is capable of straight sound mixing and production, and can also control sequencers and desktop synths. With this ability, it can be used as a production control center for computers, DAWs and dedicated HD recorders, including dynamic automation and moving faders.
The 328XD had a compact footprint and is suitable for small-to-mid sized professional studio setups as well as broadcast production stations, ad agencies, voiceover studios and jingle houses.
The console’s features include gate and compressor/limiter on every channel, configurable direct outputs, two high-resolution Lexicon effects processors and status recall at power-up. Price: $4,995.
For more information, contact Soundcraft in Tennessee at (615) 360-0471, or visit on the World Wide Web.

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