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South of the Border Sounds

FirstCom Music ships Mexican and Latin music libraries

Obligatory Cinco de Mayo references aside, FirstCom Music has released two new music libraries, the Mexican Music Library and the Universal Latin Series.

The Mexican Music Library consists of 25 albums of music. Tracks range from traditional to tecno and marimbas to guitar, with all sorts of paces, settings and atmospheres. A release says, “Celebrated composers, arrangers, musicians and sound engineers gathered in Mexico City and L.A. to develop this unprecedented musical effort.”

Antonio Issac Garcia, founder/producer/composer of the MML said: “Our approach had to be different than most of the other music libraries because the essence of our Latin and Mexican music is very emotional, driven by good melodies and is performed with unique rhythms, cadences and instruments. Therefore, relying on imitations of sounds, loops, and melodic clichés, which might work on other musical styles, simply make Mexican music sound cartoonish at its best.”

Also new from FirstCom, and along the same line, is the Universal Latin Series. The ULS moves beyond Mexico with 10 albums of Latin music. Single albums are devoted to Brazil, Cuba and Miami with others covering jazz, pop, dance and guitar.