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Space Systems/Loral to Build XM-5 Satellite

Space Systems/Loral to Build XM-5 Satellite

Here’s a whopper for the Who’s Buying What page.
XM Satellite Radio said it is going with a different vendor this time for design and construction of its fifth satellite. The business is being given to Space Systems Loral. That company also built the three satellites for Sirius.
Construction of XM-5 will be completed in 2007. XM-5 is intended as a ground spare for XM’s in-orbit fleet. Reuters has put the value of the new contract at about $186 million.
The news represents lost potential business for Boeing Satellite Systems, which has built XM’s three in-orbit satellites and is completing construction of XM-4, which will be available for launch in 2006.
XM has had problems with the Boeing 702 satellites; the two in orbit will need replacement sooner than expected due to a power problem with the solar array.