Spacewise Adds Airshow

Spacewise Adds Airshow
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Spacewise Broadcast Furniture Inc. Blendedtone Airshow 2000 series is the company’s latest addition to the product line. The Airshow is a wood built and laminate system that is priced to be competitive in its niche.
The product is available in three suggested configurations: guest show — with guests on one side of the operator, the morning show — with morning talent opposite the operator and the general studio — configuration is a full-sized studio.
All configurations feature finished solid woods for bullnosing, trim and kicks. Tops are 1 1/2-inch thick throughout and finished with laminates. Sidewalls are birch-finished plywood, with laminates on the exterior. Units come in large-scale modular components.
Options include upgraded woods like cherry or walnut.
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