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Spanish Media Form Association

Spanish Media Form Association

Just as there is an association for black owned broadcasters, now there’s one for owners of Hispanic stations. Independent Spanish language networks, broadcast companies, financial institutions, and other service providers to Spanish media have formed the Independent Spanish Broadcasters Association.
“This new association is intended to give a voice to independent Spanish language broadcasters in their effort to increase opportunities for capital formation, acquisitions and advertising revenue,” said Rosamaria Caballero one of ISBA’s founding members.
The Independent Spanish Broadcasters Association plans to hold an organizational meeting during the NAB convention in Las Vegas to elect a board and identify issues to pursue in 2004. The ISBA plans to meet Wed., April 21 at 9 a.m. in LCVV Room N261. For more information, go to:, or contact ISBA’s acting executive director Francisco Montero at [email protected].