SparkNet Sues Clear Channel Over Jack FM Slogans

SparkNet Sues Clear Channel Over Jack FM Slogans
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SparkNet Communications says Clear Channel is using slogans too close to its own trademarked slogan for the Jack FM format. The company has filed suit against Clear Channel for trademark infringement in federal district court in San Diego.
The suit alleges Clear Channel is a cybersquatter and trademark infringer, according to a statement by SparkNet attorney Derek Newman.
SparkNet says KMYI(FM) in San Diego is using the Jack FM URL but is not an authentic Jack FM station. SparkNet also alleges Clear Channel's slogan for WLTY(FM) in Columbia, S.C., infringes on its "Playing What We Want" trademarked slogan.
Clear Channel has not yet received a copy of the lawsuit, Andrew Levin, executive vice president and chief legal officer, told Radio World.