Special Deal for Mayah at BSW

All codecs now available
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We reported recently that Mayah and BSW had agreed on a sales arrangement. Now Mayah, the codec maker, says BSW, the equipment retailer, will carry all models of Mayah codecs, from the Flashman recorder/codec and Sporty portable codec to the C11 family.

Additionally, Mayah and BSW are offering a special bundle pricing deal on select codecs for a limited time.

Mayah has also announced that all codecs sold now support SIP, for easier and more reliable connection with IP networks.


IBC2008: Mayah C11 Family

The lineup includes 14 different models that designed to be stackable and to fit into half of a 19-inch rack. They all provide audio-over-IP with SIP/RTP and support automatic optimization of the IP connection.