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Spectrum Fees Part of McCain’s Campaign Bill

Spectrum Fees Part of McCain's Campaign Bill

As he said he would, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain introduced a re-vamped version of his campaign finance bill from last session. The “Our Democracy, Our Airwaves” Act would require broadcast licensees to air a minimum of two hours per week of candidate-centered or issue-centered programming before a primary or general federal election. The legislation also would establish a program to provide candidates and national committees of political parties vouchers that they may use for political advertisements on radio and television broadcast stations…paid for via an annual spectrum fee levied on stations.
The bill would require broadcast television and radio stations to provide candidates and parties with non-preemptible advertising time at the lowest rate provided to any other advertiser.
“This legislation is designed to increase the flow of political information in broadcast media and to reduce the cost to candidates of educating the electorate on their candidacy,” McCain said.