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Spectrum Task Force Seeks Input

Spectrum Task Force Seeks Input

The FCC’s new spectrum task force is seeking comment on everything possibly related to the commission’s spectrum policy including spectral efficiency, public safety communications and interference protection. Some of the questions asked are:
– Should the agency develop rules to require or facilitate band-clearing negotiations between new licensees and incumbents?
– Should current, restrictive service and operating rules applicable in many bands be changed to provide licensees with greater flexibility? If so, in which bands and how?
– How would the interference rights of incumbents and new licensees be redefined under flexibility?
– Should spectrum policies vary by geographic area according to the relative level of spectrum congestion or use?
– What is the impact, if any, of increased flexibility on how harmful interference should be defined and understood?
– If the Commission adopts new policies to address interference, should the rights of new spectrum users be defined differently from those of the present incumbents? If yes, how?
– Should the Commission consider developing receiver standards or guidelines for each radio service that would be used in judging harmful interference?
Interested parties may file comments no later than July 8 and replies by July 23 to ET Docket 02-135.