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Spitzer Cites FCC ‘Inaction’ on Payola; Adelstein Says ‘No Wrist Slap’ Will Do

Spitzer Cites FCC 'Inaction' on Payola; Adelstein Says 'No Wrist Slap' Will Do

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer criticized the FCC for not doing enough to stop payola when he announced the filing of a lawsuit against Entercom for alleged payola practices.
“Almost a year after payola was exposed in significant detail, the FCC has yet to respond in any meaningful way,” said Spitzer, who called the agency’s “inaction” “especially disappointing.”
In response, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein supported Spitzer’s efforts and said, “Given the voluminous documents pointing to major, systematic violations of FCC rules, the penalties should be commensurate with the crime. We can’t let any violators get away with a slap on the wrist.”
He pointed out the commission began its own payola probe a year ago.