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Sports Listeners Can Be Quantified

Play-by-play delivers educated, affluent audience, according to study

We’re learning more about radio play-by-play listeners and how radio can position itself to get advertisers who want to reach a better educated, well-off audience.

Research Director Inc. and GfK MRI detailed the results of a survey of 50,000+ adults age 18 and older in a webinar. Listeners of any play-by-play sports were studied, along with listeners of eight different sports: pro baseball, pro football, pro basketball, pro hockey, college football, college basketball, NASCAR/auto racing, and high school sports.

Research Director Inc. Partner Charlie Sislen said during a webinar, “The first thing people talk about is passion and emotion they have with their team.” Play-by-play listening should be sold at a premium, he says, because that’s appointment listening, in the foreground.

The format delivers affluence. For example, 39% of all people who listen to play-by-play baseball and football are college graduates with a household income of $75,000 and up. “Someone who listens to pro hockey on the radio is 60% more likely to have an income of $150,000 or more,” says Sislen, who adds, now these listeners can be quantified for advertisers.

Play-by-play listeners also spend money on restaurants and theater, creating event opportunities for stations that air play-by-play.

Download the slides from the presentation here (registration required).

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