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Sporty Is Used for Song Contest

Event was held in Cyprus.

Mayah Sporty codecs were used by British outside broadcast company SIS Live, which provided broadcasting services for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November in Limassol, Cyprus, and by the host broadcaster Cyprus Broadcasting Corp. (CyBC).

The manufacturer said it was chosen to supply portable audio codecs to the contest for the past three years.

Twelve commentary positions were set up in Limassol for national broadcasters that sent talent to Cyprus. Flemmish public-service broadcaster VRT used the Sporty to send in MPEG-1/2 Layer II, Serbia’s RTS used MPEG-1/2 Layer III and Dutch broadcaster AVRO used MPEG-4 AAC mono with 64 kbps.

Devices worked independently but were monitored over a local IP network using NetMon SNMP-based monitoring software from EuroMedia-Service in Germany.