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Spotify Unwraps Musical Map of the World

Analyzes listening trends of more than 1,000 cities

Ever wonder what music people are listening to in Berlin? Or how does the East and West Coast of the U.S. differ in their own music tastes?

Spotify’s recently released Musical Map: Cities of the World aims to answer those questions and more. The interactive visual guide analyzes how music is listened to in more than 1,000 cities all around the world, with playlists that reflect each area’s distinctive musical preferences — meaning songs that are not listened to frequently in other cities.

The map is updated every two weeks and analyzes nearly 20 billion tracks listened to by Spotify users to keep up with what music is catching people’s attention anywhere. The comprehensive Musical Map, as well as maps for specific cities, are embeddable and update automatically.

According to Musical Map, hip-hop is the most popular genre around the world; and cities have a soft spot for local musicians.