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Spreaker Wants to Unleash Your Inner MC

Smartphone app encourages users to ‘create live radio programs online’

Broadcast live directly from your iPhone to the rest of the world. Create live radio programs online.

That’s the promise of Spreaker, a free, ad-supported app now available in the App Store. Upgraded versions (more “airtime,” fewer commercials) start at around $20. An Android version is pending.

According to the company, CEO Francesco Baschieri thinks online audio broadcasting “is where YouTube was five years ago.” Spreaker says it has “served up more than 4+ millions hours of radio, and broadcast more than 720,000 podcast episodes” since its fouding in 2009. It is based in San Francisco.

The company positions the app as a tool for the social networking era, a way debut songs or express opinions. “Spreaker empowers its users to broadcast live or recorded audio programs on Facebook, Twitter and several other social networking platforms. You can also easily plug-in Spreaker on your personal blog or website.” It compares itself to SoundCloud, saying it offers 30 times more storage.

A DJ “console” allows mixing of voice, music and sound effects. Users can create a schedule playlist.

Baschieri said in the announcement, “We want everyone to unleash their inner MC, and bring a rich and robust catalog of radio programs to the millions and millions of people online.”