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Spry Will Launch NCE FM With Listener-Suggested Formats

He asks locals to ‘design your own radio station’

Bill Spry is asking listeners to help him decide how to format a new FM signal.

Class C3 noncom educational WKCX will air at 89.1 MHz in Crittenden, Ky., and go live by the end of the month. It will serve seven Northern Kentucky counties, downtown Cincinnati and some suburbs south of that city.

Spry — who also owns automation supplier Raduga — is president of licensee Spryex Communications, which currently has noncom FMs in Miamitown, Ohio, and Waynesville, Ohio. (Spry describes his stations as Cincinnati Radio Underdogs: “In this day of corporate buyouts and consolidation, we are super excited and tremendously proud that there is at least one truly local broadcast company that is expanding in the tri-state area and that really does care about its listeners.”)

He said the plans for the new signal had been to simulcast WMWX(FM), “ClassX,” which is heard on the west side of Cincinnati and central eastern Indiana; that station airs album, melodic and classic rock with programs hosted by volunteers. “However, since we pride ourselves in providing programming and music that the public wants, we decided to ask the public what they want to hear on the new 89.1 FM.”

The station asks for suggestions via its website. It says it plans to try several of the ideas over a few weeks’ time, then let the public vote on the winner. “In the end it’s not too late for us to completely change our direction,” Spry stated, “we’re leaving it up to the public, since we are public radio.”