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SRR Deploys mediARC for Archive Project

'Fonoteca de Aur' digitization effort preserves Romanian history

Societatea Româna de Radiodifuziune (SRR), the Romanian public-service broadcasting company, recently added a NOA Audio Solutions mediARC system as part of its long-term archiving process.

The project, dubbed “Fonoteca de Aur,” seeks to migrate SRR’s large analog audio archive to a secure, fully managed digital system for long-term preservation and improved accessibility.

NOA and SRR worked with partner S&T Romania to implement the project.

Dating back to the 1950s, the SRR archive includes more than 125,000 hours of sound stored on almost 600,000 carriers — including quarter-inch magnetic tape, DAT, vinyl and rubber records, and CDs. Full migration is expected to take about 15 years.

SRR President Maria Toghina told that the project goes beyond audio and includes digitization of video files and written documents.

She placed current investment in the project at €1.5 million, but an additional €1 million is expected to be needed over the next five years for the project.

The Fonoteca de Aur project is using six NOA Ingest Line devices with a concurrent license model of NOA Record , MediaLector and CD Lector system, supporting a total of 28 concurrent audio paths. The system includes data deduplication facilities and full Unicode support. Content is being encoded as high-quality 96 kHz, 24-bit WAV files and as browseable MP3 copies, along with waveform representation and trackmarkers.