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SRS Wins Licensing Deal With Samsung Mobile Division

Says demand for better mobile audio experience is beneficial to its business

SRS Labs signed a licensing agreement with the mobile division of Samsung, the second largest mobile phone provider.

“The strategic deal grants Samsung Mobile Communications Division the use of numerous SRS audio and voice technologies, including SRS Circle Surround Headphone, SRS WOW HD and SRS VIP+, in mobiles phones worldwide,” the companies stated.

The two already work together in other areas; they said this agreement broadens the use of SRS audio and voice technologies in Samsung multimedia and high-end mobile phones.

SRS said consumers have become savvier about the experience of media on mobile phones.

“To address the growing mobile video market, Samsung phones will provide consumers with compelling 5.1 surround sound over headphones enabling users to take full advantage of the increasing amounts of ‘on-the-go’ multichannel video content. Phone users will better enjoy the mobile multimedia experience as better audio translates to a superior video experience.”

Samsung also licensed SRS voice solutions to help handset users better discern what a caller is saying, particularly in noisy environments.