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SSI Joins Meteorologists in Creating Weekend Radio Show

SSI Joins Meteorologists in Creating Weekend Radio Show

Syndicated Solutions Inc. has partnered with meteorologists Herb Stevens, also known as “The Skiing Weatherman,” and Accu-Weather’s Joe Bastardi to develop “Real Weather USA,” a nationally syndicated weekend radio program to be broadcast live on Saturdays and Sundays from 8-10 a.m. beginning in September. WPRO(AM) 630 will serve as the flagship station, and delivery will be via SSI Radio Network.
Herb Stevens is known for his weather reports and ski conditions, updated bi-weekly, which he provides to television affiliates and his Web site, Joe Bastardi, also known as “Joe Snow” for his love of powder, is a senior broadcaster at Accu-Weather with an ironic knack for predicting tropical storms.
SSI says the show mixes weather happenings and events with callers, leading guests and segments such as “weather embeds” reporting from around the country on occurrences, gardening, home improvements and lifestyle features. “Weather to Remember” recounts major weather events, and “Sporting Weather” looks at the impact of the elements on stadium and backyard games.
“We are two guys who are passionate about the weather, and…we share a 25-year friendship plus over 55 years as top meteorologists across America. Our show is fun yet serious, and entertaining yet informative,” said co-hosts Stevens and Bastardi in a joint statement.