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SSI to Syndicate Chuck Woolery

From Love Connection to political connection

Program syndicator Syndicated Solutions has announced that it will begin syndicating a daily 60-second political commentary by Chuck Woolery, “SAVE US CHUCK.”

Woolery, well-known for his years on TV, especially as the host of “Love Connection” and “Wheel of Fortune,” actually got his start in radio. He said in the announcement, “I started in radio and just love it! During all my years on television, I’ve come to realize that radio is truly the only medium where I can connect one-on-one with the audience and help to create real change.”

Pointing to his frequent appearances with Dennis Miller, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, Woolery adds, “We are living in challenging times, and there is so much misinformation and corruption in politics, so I’m happy to use my celebrity to help set the record straight and get our nation back on track because I love this country!”

The show will be available starting June 4.