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Sssh, SESAC Is Listening – to Noncomms, Early Adopters

Sssh, SESAC Is Listening - to Noncomms, Early Adopters

How does a performing rights organization keep track of those hard-to-track outlets?
“Monetizing noncommercial radio” is part of the goal of SESAC. The performing rights organization now becomes the first corporate customer of The CMJ Network and Audible Magic to use data from a new airplay reporting service called CMJ’s Realtime Airplay Metrics, or RAM.
The supplier says the service is the first to comprehensively track airplay on college, non-commercial and “early-adopter” radio. It uses digital audio identification technology from Audible Magic.
“SESAC … will utilize RAM data in its monetization of non-commercial radio and its ongoing effort to
improve the accuracy of performance royalty distributions to songwriters and publishers,” the organizations stated.
Since entering into an agreement with SESAC in 2001, Audible Magic monitors 65 stations. The first rollout monitored terrestrial radio broadcasts that used Internet simulcasts. The new service covers both terrestrial and non-traditional broadcasters and provides more reporting options.
Audible Magic said its automated broadcast monitoring systems use a digital fingerprinting technology to identify songs. “Fingerprints are compared in a matter of seconds to the company’s database of 3.7 million songs, covering the entire North American catalog and believed to be the largest in the world,” the company said. “Approximately 10,000 new songs a week are added to the database.”
The supplier said its systems make it possible to monitor stations and genres that have not been accurately monitored. It expects the service will also be of interest to labels, musicians and bands.