Standards 'Pause' Nearing End?

Standards 'Pause' Nearing End?
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When asked if the NRSC would re-start its standards-setting process for IBOC, paused due to the codec issue, Smith said the process could re-start "at any time," although given the recent events, the mechanics would still need to be decided.
Ibiquity would need to re-do audio quality tests with the new codec so the NRSC can be assured the codec as finally implemented, "is at least as good as the one that was originally used," he said, meaning AAC.
The standards-setting pause, begun in May due to the AM codec issue, also affected subgroups working on different standards-setting aspects of the IBOC technology, such as the group working on the interface between the transmitted signals, the receiver, and ancillary data services so future services (such as on-demand traffic or weather reports) function correctly.


Impact of IBOC 'Pause' Disputed

How long will the "pause" in standards-setting for HD Radio last? That was one of the big questions being debated after a decision by the leaders of the DAB Subcommittee of the National Radio Systems Committee in May.

Opinion: IBOC's 'Pause' Is Bitter Pill

"This is not a show stopper, this is how to best proceed with the show." The IBOC show, that is...That's how one RF manufacturer characterized news that Ibiquity's PAC codec is not ready for prime time - at least in the minds of the DAB Subcommittee of the National Radio Systems Committee.