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Station Movements Lead to Sales

FCC regs entail shifts in Idaho markets

Due to an FCC rulemaking (MB Docket 6-72), several stations in Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Oregon, will shift markets. Ultimately, according to a release, 15 stations across those states will shift locations. Station broker Media Services Group has participated in related transactions.

It reports that KZMG(FM) of Boise, Idaho-area Melba, Idaho, owned by JLD Media, is being sold to FM Idaho, Boise. According to a release, the station had recently moved its antenna the Deer Point antenna farm, the most populated farm in the market. The buyer said, “This station will provide impact with another full market signal. It will be an absolutely perfect complement to our top-rated flagships stations in Boise, Idaho.”

FM Idaho’s KINF(FM), licensed to Gooding, Idaho will be transferred southward to Twin Falls, Idaho, where Lee Family Broadcasting has agreed to acquire it for $300,000.

MSG’s Greg Merrill was the broker in the transactions.

Also from MSG, it announced that the La Promesa Foundation is buying KYTR(FM) of Hunt Texas, from Munbilla Broadcasting. The price was $185,000. The broker was Bill Whitley for MSG’s Dallas office.