Station Robbed of Satellite Base

Nebraska’s Catholic outlet KVSS lost $2,500 in materials.
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KVSS Spirit 102.7 was the victim of a robbery to its broadcast facility, resulting in the loss of a backup satellite base.

Thieves also made off with an antenna, chain link fence and several LP gas tanks. Losses totaled approximately $2,500, as reported by Omaha’s WOWT(TV). The station is licensed to Papillion, Neb.

The base hadn’t been bolted down yet; the station was waiting on more favorable weather.

The theft is a major financial setback for the Catholic station, which doesn’t receive donations from its dioceses. KVSS Executive Director Jim Carroll said the theft will not disrupt their broadcast schedule, though he hopes the thieves experience a change of heart.

“If they haven’t melted it down yet, it would be great if it showed back up out here,” Carroll stated in a press release.

KVSS now employs a new security system received as a donation.


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