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Station Wants Tower, Translators for Its Birthday

Station Wants Tower, Translators for Its Birthday

A Christian station in eastern Iowa is 50 years old and has launched a fundraiser for a new tower and translators. It is owned and operated by the Northwestern College in Saint Paul, Minn.
KNWS(AM-FM) said it held celebrations in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids.
“The celebration also launched the station’s $570,000 project to boost signal coverage through a new 1,600-foot tower and adding translators in three Iowa cities,” the organization said. It hopes the tower will allow it to increase the population served from 489,000 people to 613,000. Translators in Dubuque, Marshalltown and Des Moines would add 283,000 more to the listening area.
The AM station at 1090 kHz went on in 1953. The FM at 101.9 MHz was launched in 1965.