Stations Must File JSAs

Stations Must File JSAs
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Stations that have joint sales agreements with other facilities in Arbitron Radio Metros must file the agreements with the FCC by Feb. 22. In the future, parties that enter into JSAs must file those agreements with the commission within 30 days.
Under the FCC's new ownership rules, JSAs "count" toward an owner's total number of stations in a market. Originally passed in 2003, and then stayed pending appeal, an appeals court allowed the JSA portion of the new radio ownership rules and the new market definition to go into effect.
Those JSAs that cause an owner to go over the local radio limits may continue until Sept. 3, 2006.


Show Me the Public File

Although a majority of Missouri radio stations complied with Public Inspection File requests in a recent study, one in five licensees failed to produce Issues-Programs Lists upon demand during station visits.