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Stations Must Rebuild

Stations Must Rebuild

As radio reporters and employees in New York struggle to cover – and cope with – the disaster Tuesday, several stations are faced with rebuilding transmission facilities, following the loss of the 360-foot broadcast mast atop the north tower.
Gone are the eight main television antennas, auxiliary antennas and a master FM antenna, which had been transmitting since 1980.
FM stations WKTU, WPAT, WKCR, WQCD and WNYC lost transmission facilities in the building collapse after suicide pilots flew two commercial jets into the 110-story twin towers.
WKTU suffered minimal interruption by using its backup site on top of the Conde Nast building in Times Square. WQCD’s auxiliary site was on the north tower.
Employees of the affected stations were scrambling to find available tower space and obtain new transmitters.