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Statmon Touts IP for Facility Control

Statmon Touts IP for Facility Control

The Axess product suite, made by Statmon Technologies in California, uses Internet Protocol for broadcast facility management, including transmitter and studio management and control, EAS remote operation and SNMP monitoring. It runs on an entry-level PC using Windows 2000 Professional.
Axess allows automated operation in which event- and time-driven analysis can perform triage and provide corrective action. Unlimited channels of status, analog and control at each site are available.
Features include multisite capability; drill-down display; serial interface to most transmitters; Web compatibility; event logging; alarms management; customization; virtual channels; and multi-user operation.
Events, log-ins, notes and analog readings are recorded in comma-delineated files that can be extracted to MS Access or Excel for graphing and trend analysis or time/date-stamped and printed for reports.
The alarm call management design lets the user identify major and minor alarms using color coding, set an alarm hierarchy and respond to a problem alarm rather than every alarm caused by the problem.