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Stephen King Calls Indecency Crackdown ‘Nonsense’

Stephen King Calls Indecency Crackdown 'Nonsense'

The indecency crackdown by the FCC and Congress has author and radio station owner Stephen King peeved.
“I think it’s nonsense…What I think about it is a word that I don’t want to
use on the radio or I’ll get you guys in trouble,” King said to Infinity-owned WZGC(FM), Atlanta host Mara Davis on Dunham In The Morning.
“It makes me angry and it’s silly and what happened to Howard Stern is silly … The way that it works in America or the way it’s supposed to work in America – if he’s (Stern) saying stuff on the radio that you don’t like, if it offends you, you got a hand, you
reach out, take hold of the knob, turn it off. He’s gone – goodbye …You don’t need a politician in your living room to say you got to put a band-aid over that guy’s mouth.”