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Stevens Vows to Continue Reelection Campaign

Was convicted on corruption charges.

GOP Sen. Ted Stevens returned to Alaska this week, vowing to fight his conviction on federal corruption charges and win reelection.

Though his party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees have called on him to resign, the former chairman of the Commerce Committee remains defiant and said he “remains a candidate for the United States Senate.” Stevens is seeking a seventh term.

The 84-year-old lawmaker was found guilty of failing to disclose some $250,000 in renovations to his house by oil services company Veco, which had business before his committee.

Stevens said he was disappointed but not surprised by the verdict, which he said was “the result of the unconscionable manner in which the Justice Department lawyers conducted this trial.” He said evidence was withheld from the defense.

If he wins reelection, Stevens can remain in the Senate while he appeals his conviction.

Stevens had to relinquish his ranking member status on the Commerce Committee after he was indicted in July. He was replaced by Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison.