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‘Stop Mulling Over False Choices’

Struble says it would be unwise for broadcasters to ‘drop everything and focus on Internet streaming and getting their content online.’

Radio’s booming online business opportunities are exciting, Bob Struble says; but radio broadcasters also need to remember not to give up on their existing valuable “pipes.”

The CEO of HD Radio developer Ibiquity Digital makes the comments in his recently launched blog. Read it here.

An interesting sidebar point from Struble about future competition in the dashboard:

“All those claims that mobile Internet (Wi-Fi, WiMax, others), in cars or elsewhere, means Armageddon for AM/FM radio are hogwash,” he writes.

“I paid enough attention in my economics and engineering classes back in the day to know that the numbers and the technology don’t add up. Economically, mobile Internet is dramatically more costly than AM/FM as an audio streaming service (think spectrum auctions and build out costs). Technically, these point-to-point networks won’t have the streaming capacity to support anything close to what point-to-multipoint AM/FM does. Commuters listening to audio streams in any major market would literally shut the networks down. So mobile Internet will be great for other apps like e-mail and search, and will be a strong addition to the growing list of radio competitors, but it is not the Death Star.”