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StratosAudio’s Tom Mock Dies

Engineer also worked at CEA on radio, TV standards including RDS

The funeral for StratosAudio engineer Tom Mock is set for Wednesday, Jan. 26.

Mock died last week at age 76 of natural causes, the Times Observer reported.

He worked at the Consumer Electronics Association from 1981 until 2000. As director of the Technology and Standards division, he worked on many standards including the Radio Data System and closed captioning; he was involved in development of the V-Chip parental control system and stereo broadcasting for TV.

Beginning in 2001, Mock lead the engineering and technical development efforts for StratosAudio in enabling interactive radio on mobile devices. In 2004 Stratos won Best of Innovations at the CES show in the mobile devices category with Motorola and Hyundai Autonet demonstrating a working interactive car radio, according to StratosAudio. The media services company offers interactive advertising, programming and behavioral data aggregation to the radio industry.

“He was a dear friend and colleague and we will miss him greatly,” StratosAudio President/CEO Kelly Christensen told Radio World.

Mock was still working for the company as an engineering liaison in the Washington area when he died.

He was a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the National Radio Systems Committee and the RDS Forum. Mock had a degree in Electronics Engineering from Carnegie Tech.

Early in his career, from 1956 until 1981, he served in various engineering capacities in the government and private sectors related to the military and Department of Defense. These included NSA, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and Raytheon, according to StratosAudio.

He is survived by his former wife Carol, their daughter Tracey and son John, his sister Mary Lou Brunettin and a granddaughter.

A memorial mass will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 26, at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Sheffield, Pa. Borden Lloyd Funeral Home is handling the arrangements. In lieu of flowers, his family asks that donations be sent to the Sheffield Food Pantry via St Anthony’s Catholic Church, 7222 Route 6, Sheffield, PA 16347.