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Streamers Have Homework Due Feb. 2

CommLawBlog reminds webcasters of deadline, offers helpful chart

Kevin Goldberg of CommLawBlog has a helpful reminder for broadcasters who are also streamers: 2015 is the final year for the rates and terms set in the Webcasting III decision, and SoundExchange Annual Minimum Fee Statements of Account and $500 per channel payments are due Feb. 2.

Although there are exceptions, most monthly or quarterly filings (Statements of Account or Playlist Reports of Use) are due 45 days after the end of the month or quarter to which they pertain.

In advance of that deadline, he has supplied a chart that details the basics of SoundExchange options.

Goldberg cautions that the chart is only intended to help webcasters set expectations for filing — a communications attorney is strongly recommended for accuracy’s sake regarding questions.

Noncommercial stations affiliated with NPR, CPB, PRI, PRE or the National Federation of Community Broadcasters have their own system and should contact Public Radio International for more information.

Those electing the Small Broadcaster or Noncommercial Microcaster categories must also send an email to SoundExchange to notify it of the election, in addition to using the Annual Minimum Fee Statement of Account Form.

Also relevant: SoundExchange’s user interface has changed. It has a new “portal” filing system that may allow for electronic filing and payments. They have also added a database of International Sound Recording Codes to assist webcasters in completing Playlist Reports of Use. These are apparently still in the testing phase.

Note that the rates and terms that will govern for the period of 2016–20, were set by the Copyright Royalty Board in the Webcasting IV proceeding and is still pending.