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StreamGuys Adds Silence Detection

Silence isn’t always golden

Digital content delivery services and products developer StreamGuys has announced a silence detector for detection of down streams.

The silence detection tool works with the company’s SGalerts stream maintenance toolkit for its software as a service content delivery products suite. Upon detecting a dead stream, it can email or send an SMS text to delegated recipients. The tool can be used with traditional broadcasting as well, by using SGalerts to monitor a signal chain that is duplicated into an IP stream.

StreamGuys President Kiriki Delany said, “Lost spots due to dead air means upset advertisers, which can quickly escalate to a generally poor perception of the broadcaster’s on-air brand … By moving silence detection to our cloud-based content delivery network, broadcasters can outsource protection against revenue loss, reducing the recurring labor associated with dedicated appliances and monitoring staff.”

The tools’ threshholds can be controlled via decibel levels or time levels needed for triggering.