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StreamGuys Emphasizes ‘One to Many’ Model

Company discovers mobile market exploding

Content delivery network specialists StreamGuys says it has expanded native support of mobile devices.

The takeaway was that streaming to mobile device destinations is exploding and that means the target of the content could be shifting its address constantly.

StreamGuys COO Jonathan Speaker said: “Streaming to mobile comprised more than half of our customer requests in 2010 … The proliferation of mobile devices is changing how streaming media is consumed, and broadcasters, for example, are increasingly working with streaming providers and content delivery networks to reach audiences on the move.”

He pointed to a proliferating number of device formats StreamGuys must deal with on the mobile front and says StreamGuys had to “help service providers deliver a single programming source to multiple mobile platforms through native support of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian devices.”

In its latest announcement (PDF), StreamGuys summarized its offerings and expertise for prospective clients.