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Streaming Radio Service for Mobile Phones Launched

Streaming Radio Service for Mobile Phones Launched

Will radio’s next big competitor – and distribution channel – be the cellphone?
A company called MSpot is offering a subscription service that delivers “satellite-quality streaming radio” for mobile phones. NPR programming is among the content offered.
The service is called MSpot Radio. The firm was founded by Daren Tsui and Ed Ho, who come out of the mobile industry. The company aims to produce and deliver audio and video entertainment content to mobile consumers.
The service is available on some phones on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network and includes 13 music, news, sports, finance, weather and talk channels. The company says it has other content in the works “including major motion pictures, premium video programming and mobile-exclusive original programming.”
According to MSpot, it “optimizes audio and video programming by preparing content for the ‘small screen’ and uses its proprietary buffering and pixelation techniques” to deliver quality mobile entertainment.