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Struble: HD-R Will Be Largest Radio Advertiser

Struble: HD-R Will Be Largest Radio Advertiser

Ibiquity President/CEO Robert Struble is pumped about IBOC at CES. He told RW Online that new HD-R product is being shown in 16 booths at the show. And the recently announced HD Radio Alliance is a tremendous step forward for the rollout, he said.
“When they spend that $200 million, HD Radio will be THE largest radio advertiser on AM and FM,” he said, referring to the value of ad time devoted by the major broadcast groups to the HD-R promotion effort.
He and alliance head Peter Ferrara talk frequently, he said. A major question for both is how fast the promotion and multicasting format rollout can proceed.
Struble believes the FCC will authorize IBOC permanently in stages, rather than in one large proceeding, with multicasting and AM nighttime authorization teed up next.