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Struble Says Don’t Be Afraid of ‘Pandora in Fords’

Radio can adapt

HD Radio advocate Bob Struble says Internet radio cannot and will not replace over-the-air broadcast radio.

The president/CEO of iBiquity Digital writes in his latest column. He noted announcements at the recent International CES about Internet radio provider Pandora and its deals with Ford to be included in the Sync communications platform as well as with Alpine and Pioneer to be on their navigation systems.

But, Struble says “Pandora in Fords does not spell doom.”

Though a dominant theme at the show was a pervasive and converged Internet — and radio should be concerned — it can adapt, he says. Internet radio is a valuable and powerful service, but network usage requirements will not allow it to support mass-market listening.

Struble states: “Internet radio is on the growing list of radio competitors, and is a driver for broadcasters to make AM/FM even better by … creating compelling programming, addressing the local audience and promoting their product like crazy. And yes, by upgrading to a digital broadcast infrastructure using HD Radio Technology.”

Internet Radio Expands Reach” (February 2010)