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Studer Academy Rolls

Midwest and Northeast Cities on Tour Schedule

Rah-Rah! Studer’s mobile Studer Broadcast Academy might be coming to your town. Besides the usual frat parties and panty raids, attendees can receive training and certification on Studer’s Vista digital consoles.

Sis-Boom-Bah! The big Studer Academy truck, with two Vista consoles and two broadcast studios aboard, will roll into Cincinnati on July 11 and then to Cleveland for July 12. July 13–14 sees the truck in Pittsburgh and July 15–16 is a stop in Philadelphia. Not resting on their laurels, the big rig and faculty head for New York City for three days – July 18–20 and then onto the nation’s capital, July 21–22.

Go team! Harman Mixing Group Marketing Director Keith Watson said: “We have seen a trend in the broadcast industry where freelance engineers are taking on a much greater presence than ever before, which means there are a lot of engineers out there working on a lot of different control surfaces from day-to-day.”