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Studer Offers A827 Recorder at Half-Price

Studer Offers A827 Recorder at Half-Price

Studer USA launched a promotional offering of the A827 Gold Edition two-inch, 24-track analog tape recorder, enabling the broadcast and radio industry to purchase the unit for half of the $58,000 list price. The recorder must be purchased by no later than Dec. 15, with delivery taken by Dec. 31. Product sales are to be handled through the company.
The company says the A827 is offered in the industry-standard two-inch, 24-track format, and comes with a stand-mounted remote control and auto-locator, 24-channel meter bridge, RS-232 interface, and a generator. The unit is the last in Studer’s line of analog two-inch machines, which included the A80, A800 and A820.
For more information, contact Studer USA at (866) 406-2349 or [email protected].