Studer Sells to Chinese Broadcasters

OnAir 3000 proves popular with radio broadcasters
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Studer has announced the sale and installation of OnAir consoles at a pair of Chinese radio broadcasters.

Sichuan Radio of Sichuan Radio & Television Station Broadcasting in Chengdu, Sichuan has added 14 OnAir 3000 and OnAir 2500 consoles.

Wuxi Radio in Jiangsu installed five OnAir 3000 and five OnAir 2000 consoles.

Studer also announced that the Fujian Broadcasting Station Master Control installed six OnAir 3000, four OnAir 2500, two OnAir 2000 and four OnAir 1000 consoles at its facilities. Fujian also acquired 11 pairs of JBL LSR4328P, six pairs of LSR2325P and four pairs of LSR4326P studio monitors.

Harman’s Chinese distributor, Advanced Communication Equipment handled the deals.


China Clients Go With Studer

Studer recently announced a string of sales of OnAir Series digital consoles to broadcasters across China, including OnAir 1000 and 2000 desks for Sichuan Radio, Foshan Radio, Shunde Radio and Bao’an Radio.

RNW Chooses Studer Option

Dutch international broadcaster Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (RNW) recently installed Studer OnAir 3000Net consoles in each of four self-op presenter studios at its Hilversum, Netherlands, headquarters.