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Studer Vista 9 for Izmir Radio

Turkish broadcaster upgrades its radio studios with Harman's Studer Vista 9 digital console

Erkan Gökceli with the Studer 902 console at Izmir Radio Studios. National broadcaster Turkish Radio and Television Corp. recently upgraded its Izmir Radio Studios with a Studer Vista 9 digital console.

Izmir Radio Studios, which has relied on Harman’s Studer consoles since the 1980s, says the company purchased a Vista 9 console from Turkish Studer distributor SF Dis Ticaret Koll.Sti.

According to Harman, the Vista 9 features four bays and 40 faders, with the faders configured as 30 for source inputs, 10 VCA groups plus two masters. The console provides 32 mic inputs, 24 AES inputs, 24 AES outputs, 80 line ins, 64 line outs and 16 general purpose in/outs.

As part of the upgrade, Izmir Radio also purchased a host of additional Harman Professional components, including AKG mics and headsets, dbx equalizers, Crown amplifiers, a Lexicon reverb unit, JBL studio monitors and Soundcraft mixers.

Erkan Gökceli with the new Studer Vista 9 digital mixing console. “As someone who works with the equipment year-in and year-out, I insist that the consoles I use are robust and of high quality,” said Erkan Gökceli, technical manager and designer at Izmir Radio Studios. “We do a lot of live broadcast at Izmir Radio and TRT, and as any live engineer knows, there is no room for error in a live production situation. Based on our previous track record, I was confident the Studer Vista 9 would be completely dependable,” he said.

“As expected, so far the operation of the Vista 9 has been flawless,” Gökceli said. “I’m also finding that the newer features of the Vista 9, such as the Vistonics touchscreen interface, the FaderGlow faders that can be color-coded by function and the total freedom to lay out input and master channels anywhere across the console’s surface have been incredibly useful. I can configure the Vista 9 any way I want it, which gives me far more control flexibility than I’ve ever had and makes mixing a live or taped broadcast easier and more efficient than I could have imagined.”