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Studio Technology Scores in Baltimore

Personal touch pleases WIYY

BALTIMORE — In 2016 WIYY(FM) renovated the 98Rock control room studios due to a dysfunctional layout and limited space to accommodate new technology. The update was all-inclusive as we replaced cabinets, countertops and furniture and redesigned the layout of the workspace.

The original studio had been installed in 1999. As our on-air talent grew in numbers and improvements in technology became available, we were soon in need of more mic locations and PC workstations. Most recently, a need for sightlines became critical for live video camera shots of the talent as 98Rock streams their “Livewire” morning show online.

It was soon decided that the studio needed a major redesign to keep pace with our ever-changing industry. With our unique design needs in mind, we sought a designer with extensive modern studio renovation experience. Vince Fiola of Studio Technology proved to be an excellent choice.

Vince came to our Baltimore studios and examined our current layout. He then met with our engineering and programming staff so we could describe our needs directly and brainstorm for ideas on basic layout, clear sightlines and functional access. Also discussed were additional talent locations to engage all studio parties.

Vince took ideas and requirements and started putting them to virtual paper.

After numerous revisions, our design was complete and Studio Technology went to work. The installers were prepared, arrived early and worked quickly. The delivery and major installation were done in one day, with a single follow-up day for final counter modifications. During the install, Vince made sure that he and I worked closely to maximize the efficiency of the installation.

Though the install was completed quickly, Vince never overlooked details such as an incorporating design-line features that allow for a smoother, rounded look instead of a hard, wood, boxy appearance that appears dated. He also recommended spring-loaded pull-off panels that allow for easy access when necessary. Vince also advised the use of Corian material for counter top surfaces, due to its long-lasting functionality and Formica covered wood cabinets that allow the flexibility to mount anything needed internally. The colors of the counters and cabinets were matched seamlessly to our building’s color palette.

Once the counter and cabinets were installed, the focus shifted to the placement of our new furniture. Vince created a layout that allowed for both stand-up and sit-down talent locations. The smart design allows anyone who comes to our studios to be on air. Plus, with the new layout, talent and guests no longer have to struggle to enter or leave due to a confined space. The new layout feels more functional, open and inviting.

Studio Technology enabled us to create a studio workspace that is as attractive as it is functional, but most importantly, will grow with us as we adapt to technology changes in broadcasting. Everyone at 98Rock is thrilled with the results of all the hard work and design.

For information, Vince Fiola at Studio Technology in Pennsylvania at (610) 925-2785 or