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Study: African-American Men Lead in Media Use

Study: African-American Men Lead in Media Use

A survey finds that, among men 25 to 54, African Americans spend the most time overall with media per day, 10% more than the average. Their use of magazines is some 40% higher than average, and their TV time is 25% higher. The data come from MultiMedia Mentor, a service of Knowledge Networks/SRI. It conducts measurement of consumer use of TV, radio, the Internet, newspapers and magazines.
The company says Hispanic men of the same age group register near-average use of radio and television, while their time spent with the Web, newspapers, and magazines is 18 to 28% below average. Its data also show that Hispanic men 25 to 54 spend about one-quarter of their media time with Spanish-language media.
Asian American men 25 to 54 register “notably low” use of radio (less than 50% of average time spent) and the lowest score for television among the groups measured. They show a strong preference for the Internet and, to a lesser extent, newspapers.