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Study Calls for Single National System to Warn Public of Threats

Study Calls for Single National System to Warn Public of Threats

“Today many different (public) warning systems exist that are not interoperable, and do not reach all of the people at risk,” a study released by the Partnership for Public Warning reports. In its study, “Developing a Unified All-Hazard Public Warning System,” the group found that, “The many government agencies issuing such warnings are inconsistent in their terminology, leading to confusion and inadequate response.”
The Partnership for Public Warning was established in January at a meeting of the nation’s public warning experts from government, business and academia.
The group’s study calls for the federal government – specifically the new Department of Homeland Security – to take responsibility for leading the development of a “national all-hazard public warning architecture in partnership with other federal agencies, state and local governments, industry, universities and other stakeholders.”
Such a system will save lives, reduce disaster losses and speed recovery. Contrary to popular belief, “mass panic is highly unlikely when accurate information is provided,” the study reports. “People want accurate and reliable information, and if official sources do not provide it, they will seek it from less reliable sources.” The full report is available on-line at: