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Study Gives State Broadcasters Some Leverage

NAB’s report estimates economic impact state by state

The NAB-commissioned study on the economic impact of local broadcasting contains plenty of numbers that state associations and local sales managers likely will put to use.

It includes a state-by-state estimate in which we learn, for instance, that in Arizona, 255 local commercial radio stations and 21 local commercial TV stations employ about 6,400 people with a direct economic impact of $1 billion.

Commercial broadcasting’s economic impact on other industries in that state is worth $2.76 billion and 17,400 jobs; and that radio/TV’s “stimulative effect” on the economy in Arizona is $20.2 billion and almost 29,000 jobs.

The study also summarized BIA’s projections for U.S. radio revenue growth, shown below.

See the state-by-state section of the report here.